Enterprises get the promise of using video in communications. They know that their employees, clients, and stakeholders prefer to watch videos than read text or click through slide presentations. Yet, because of the current tool sets available, they frequently resort to turning long linear documents into long linear videos.

And frequently at great expense.

This use of video merely transforms the delivery medium but does nothing to change the underlying content. Moreover, if people lack the time and attention span to read a long, linear document they probably lack the time and attention span to watch and listen to a long linear video.   Despite their best intentions in using video, enterprises still struggle to use it to improve comprehension, deepen engagement and increase conversion.

TouchCast transforms the linear mode of consuming content into an interactive experience that delivers content in the WAY PEOPLE WANT TO CONSUME IT, which is to say anytime, anywhere, on any device and on demand. By doing so, TouchCast:

Improves comprehension

Restoring face-to-face connection within business communication lets you convey the fundamental visual information that makes your messages stick: Tone-of-voice, body language, enthusiasm, speed, and personality.

Deepens engagement

TouchCast lets you embed documents, pictures, other video, web-pages and several other media types within a short form video that lets the viewer dig deeper as they see fit, and on their own time. Viewers can choose to skip sections of the video, or download longer form content for later consumption.

Increases conversion

You might expect that improved comprehension and deeper engagement would increase the likelihood that a viewer will follow your call-to-action. You’d be right. Polls, surveys, and other clickable direct response mechanisms can be incorporated into a touchcast directly, or through a direct link to a landing page.

Our own client experience (large consumer packaged goods company, when sending important internal documentation such as strategy documentation and market research findings) yields these data:

  • Sending long form linear documentation drives a 2 to 3% completion rate, meaning only 2 of 100 people actually read the material.
  • Sending long form linear video drives an identical completion rate (read: identically poor completion rate)
  • Sending an interactive touchcast with the same material transformed by our technology drives a 30 to 40% completion rate

TouchCast improves comprehension, deepens engagement and increases conversion.  Our analytics platform lets you measure usage and engagement.  One TouchCast client reports:

“So many times we’d send out videos and think that they’re amazing but have no idea if people are watching them. The analytics reveal that with TouchCast the amount of views on our videos have quadrupled.”  

Find out how easy it is to restore human connection to business communication and collaboration.  Send us a note.


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