So you want to know what TouchCast did over the course of the summer? Work really hard to bring you a fresh TouchCast Studio, that’s what!

Studio is undergoing some huge changes: from the interface (hello beautiful new app!) to the engine (which will be fully deployed in v1.20 soon), your jaw will probably drop when you open TouchCast Studio next. In the Apple App Store you’ll noticed we jumped from v1.18.7 to v1.19.1 (skipping v1.19).

Read the notes below.  But first watch the touchcast!



For public users of our free app, here’s what to expect:

  • same experience but a fresh, modern skin
  • Return of the Smart Pause (the backtrack feature returns to quickly record over a mistake)

Additionally for our Partners, you’ll also notice these improvements:

  • TouchCast Stock: free, unlimited access to 300k videos, images, and sound files — all accessible from inside the app
  • Ability to render a touchcast video in high quality
  • Ability to live stream with multiple bitrates (better performance on low bandwidth networks)
  • Live stream viewer comments appear for the author inside Studio
  • Stricter privacy for users on shared iPads (you can no longer see another user’s data)
  • Export a touchcast video as a zipped .tct file

A special note for all users who authenticate via Facebook Connect:

As of v1.19.1 of TouchCast Studio, TouchCast users who previously used Facebook Connect to authenticate (log into Studio) will need to use the TouchCast system to sign in.

To access your account, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Open TouchCast Studio on your iPad and, on the Sign In form, click the option for former Facebook users.
  2. Enter the same email address you use to sign into Facebook (this is the email address stored in the TouchCast database) and confirm. This will trigger our system to send a link to your email inbox (obviously this is sent to the email address provided).
  3. Retrieve the email and select the link – this will open a web page to make a new password.
  4. Create and confirm the new password.
  5. Return to Studio and log in with your email and new password.

Your TouchCast Studio data will be unaffected.

If you have any questions about TouchCast, please contact us using the form below.