The TouchCast Studio iPad app gets an important update tomorrow (Friday September 29).

There are some FANTASTIC new features but the most significant change to the app is an enhancement to the way in which your content is stored securely.

When you update the app from the App Store (to the new version, which is 1.19.1) you will be required to sign in to your profile. Any projects that are created from this point will only be visible to this profile.

This means that if a user signs out of a profile and signs in again with a new username and password (which happens when users share iPads with colleagues), only the projects prior to the update will be visible.

This important change is to ensure that customers sharing iPads have security over their own projects and touchcasts. If you want to secure a project to your own profile, you will need to Share the project (which generates a unique code) and then Fetch the project (using the code) under your own log-in. You can then safely remove the original project from the device so it is not visible to anyone else who is logging in with a different username and password.

Now for the fun stuff!

Please watch this TouchCast Smart Video from Paul Field, our CEO EMEA, explaining the brilliant new features that come with this Studio update.



For more details of the major new feature TouchCast Stock, a royalty-free library of videos, images and audio that will be FREE for all customers to use, and a tutorial for using it straightaway, please click here.


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