Welcome to the TouchCast blog.  Here you’ll find information about our products and solutions as well as case studies, and thought leadership pieces.

You know:  The stuff that you’d expect to find in a blog.

What you might not expect to find in a blog:  MAGIC!

Yes, magic.  Let me explain.

Each post contains text, imagery, and what looks to be a video.  But that video is more than just a video.  Rather, it’s a touchcast.

A “touchcast” is a video that, like a magician’s black hat, contains amazing things.  A touchcast includes embedded documents, graphics, photos, movies, quizzes, polls, other video and links to other experiences all fully interactive, delivered inside the video.  Whenever you see a new resources on screen, touch or click it.  The original video will pause and shrink in the corner while you can interact with the content you just touched.  When you are ready to go back to the video, simply touch or click it again to resume.

When you see it happen, you’ll think it’s amazing.  You’ll think it’s magic.

This fusion of video, music, voice-over, graphics with the interactivity of the Internet, and artificial intelligence creates an entirely new and more effective communications medium that we call Smart Video.

Try it for yourself:



A little about us
TouchCast, headquartered in New York with offices in London, Ukraine, India, Los Angeles, Louisville and Mexico City, is a communication and collaboration technology company.  Our mission is to restore human connection to business communication and collaboration. 

Our customers choose TouchCast because our technologies transform the way they work with their employees and stakeholders. They have told us that using TouchCast helps improve comprehension, deepens engagement and increases conversion, all of which can be measured using our analytics platform. Ultimately these drive a positive Return on Investment and an increase in productivity and satisfaction with employees and clients.

In addition, our customers have experienced drastic cost reduction in areas such as travel & expense, build outs of audio/visual spaces and investment in outside production companies to create video.

So welcome to the blog.  Explore.  See the magic for yourself.

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