If you’re in sales, the start of a new year means taking a look at last year’s annual reports and setting new, motivating quotas for your team.


Whether you’re basking in the success of reaching last year’s goals, or already stressed about how you’ll meet 2019’s, it’s important to take advantage of the positive energy of starting fresh in order to evaluate your sales strategy. What could you be doing better, and how could you innovate?


When it comes to B2B sales, one secret weapon can help you boost performance and shatter your sales quota: video.


Give The People What They Want


Endless stats confirm it – no matter what they’re consuming, people prefer video. Here are a few of the most important statistics about online video:


  1. By 2022, video will account for 82% of global internet traffic (Cisco)
  2. Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year (Aberdeen Group)
  3. Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users (Wordstream)
  4. 59% of executives say they would rather watch a video than read text (Wordstream)


Why would the person you’re pitching to be any different?


Video Builds Trust


Selling is all about trust. Trust is easier to build with someone you can see.


We’ve Been Conditioned For Faces


As humans, we’ve been conditioned to respond to faces. For millions of years.


When you give someone the opportunity to see your face, you’re opening up the possibility for mirroring. If you smile, you trigger a response in the viewer’s brain – their mirror neurons fire similarly to how they would if they themselves were smiling. We’re also hardwired to react to faces emotionally. Watching someone emote releases a chemical called oxytocin which helps us form empathy and help build trust.


Video Says More


Your face animates any words you speak and helps them hit home. When you pitch someone by phone, you’re also missing out on the power of nonverbal communication. Listeners react to all of your message, not just your words. A UCLA study discovered that more than 90 percent of a message delivered between speaker and listener is nonverbal. That includes body positions, movements, and facial expressions, all of which is only available when you pitch with video.


Video Closes Deals


The Camera Adds 10 Lbs of Skill


Ever turned on your webcam and immediately straightened your posture? As a salesperson, you’re always on stage, but being filmed reminds you of the importance of presenting yourself well.


Plus, when you make videos, you can watch yourself in order to take note of what needs improvement. Have you ever struggled to define the moment you lost the sale? Watching your pitch can shed light on where you lost confidence, hesitated, or stumbled over your lines as well as help you sharpen your nonverbal communication skills.


People Will Be Impressed


And not just because you took the time to pitch them with a professional video, but also because your video will literally make a lasting impression. According to Gartner, 95% report recalling a message viewed as a video, compared with just 10% who read text instead.


8 Tips For Pitching Like a Pro With Video


Using video will make you a better salesperson. Simply turning on your webcam while on a call with a potential client will force both of you to focus completely on the present moment.


But in order to take full advantage of video’s power, you need to make sure your and your team’s communication skills are up to par. It takes a plan, some simple steps, and practice to craft pitches that win clients.


Prepare your team to tackle this year’s quotas with our free cheat sheet for Pitching like a Pro.