In addition to the improved security controls and user interface upgrade you’ll see in our latest update, you’ll also find the new TouchCast Stock. TouchCast Stock is a royalty-free library of over 300,000 stock photos, videos, and media beds you can access without ever leaving the studio. Follow the steps below to learn how to use TouchCast Stock, or watch the video below to see it in action.



1. First things first: create a new project. Once that’s ready, select the “Effects” tab and enable your green screen.
2. Change your background by tapping the photo icon on the right side of the screen (hint: it’s next to the video icon).
3. You’ll find four folders from which you can choose backgrounds: “Albums,” “TC Backgrounds,” “TouchCast Stock,” and “Cloud Services.” Select “TouchCast Stock.”
4. Scroll through all the backgrounds available in TouchCast Stock or filter them by category by tapping the drop-down menu in the search bar. Or, simply search by keyword in the search bar.
5. When you find an image you like, just tap the image and it will become the new background in your touchcast.
6. Think you’ve got that down? Now it’s time to add stock footage. Go back to the “Effects” tab and tap the video icon. Again, you can scroll through themes, filter them using the drop-down menu, or search by keyword.
7. Preview a video by tapping it. If you like what you see, tap “Use” in the top right corner of the screen. Fun fact: Stock videos loop throughout the duration of your video, meaning there will always be a video playing.
8. Now it’s time to get fancy. Add stock photos and footage as vApps by selecting the “vApps” tab in the lower right corner of your screen.
9. Tap “Add a vApp,” and then choose either “TouchCast Stock Images” or “TouchCast Stock Videos.”
10. Search for the image or video you’re looking for. You can also select multiple images at a time, and you’ll see the ones you’ve selected highlighted by a light green border.
11. To import the images you have selected to your project, tap “use” in the upper right corner. The images will now appear as individual vApps in the vApp tray at the bottom of your screen, which you can add to your touchcast as you wish.


Now that you know how to use TouchCast Stock, you can add engaging, evocative stock photos and footage to your projects, right from the Studio. Share your favorite thing about TouchCast Stock on Twitter with the hashtag #TouchCastStock. Enjoy!