You just finished filming and editing your latest video to promote your most innovative product yet. Are you ready to release your video on all of your company’s social channels? Will your video be able to effectively communicate your message? The answer is no. Double-check these three things before you share your video with the world:

  1. Typos: Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes will instantly kill credibility. It never hurts to double-check all captions. Since most people don’t watch videos with the sound on, captions are becoming more critical to keep viewers engaged and interested. Your captions and video will need to flow seamlessly together. It’s also key to review your video description for any typos.
  2. Fluff: Videos are not a time to relive your days of writing long-winded essays in middle school. The best performing videos are two minutes or less. Take it easy when it comes to using industry-specific jargon. You can avoid this problem by knowing your target audience. Eliminate unnecessary information and slow transitions.
  3. No clear purpose: Ask yourself if your video has a purpose. Does your video have a reason to exist? If your video doesn’t have a clear purpose then don’t bother posting it. You’ll hurt your brand image by sharing purposeless content.

Once you’ve double-checked for typos, fluff, and ensured a clear purpose, your video is ready to be shared with the world. You will increase viewership and engagement on your different social media platforms. Most importantly, you will increase your sales.