Justin Kalifowitz, a music publishing innovator

In honor of its 40th anniversary, the Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP) celebrated the accomplishments of movers and shakers in the indie music community, including Justin Kalifowitz, CEO of Downtown Music Publishing was was  presented with a 2017 AIMP New York Chapter Indie Award. Kalifowitz, who has led Downtown to explosive worldwide growth, founded online administration platform Songtrust, and helped organize the inaugural New York Music Month this June via his advocacy coalition “NY is Music.”

The event took place at The Princeton Club of New York on Dec 4th.  TouchCast was there to cover the event.   Click below to watch our interview with Justin Kalifowitz.

Then scroll below the video to read how easy it was to use TouchCast Studio to capture video and produce it.



Be your own crew with TouchCast Studio

The need to create video puts enterprises between a proverbial rock and a hard place.  Your customers crave video yet producing it can be daunting and costly.  Not so with TouchCast.

For this event, our gear was simple:  An iPad with TouchCast Studio, a Padcaster and an IK Multimedia’s iRig MIC HD, which allowed us to set up quickly and move around the space to find the best sound and lighting.  Our “set” was a office, using existing lighting.

  • Set up time:  15 minutes
  • Interview time:  7 minutes
  • Incremental cost for a crew, audio, or lights:  $0

Post production is a snap

We added some of the pan effects using a simple video editing product, but otherwise everything you see was done using TouchCast Studio. The blue and grey boxes at the bottom of the screen indicate where you will encounter clickable video apps, or “vApps”, the interactive elements in a touchcast.  TouchCast Studio lets you incorporate as many vApps as you want into your video.  Total post production.

  • Editing time:  1 hour
  • Creating touchcast:  45 minutes
  • Incremental cost for post-production:  $0

If you’re ready to be your own crew and capture broadcast quality video using just your iPad, click here to subscribe.

By the way, you can also stream live using TouchCast Studio.